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School Partnership Program

Black Belt Club USA works with local San Diego Schools to promote fitness, healthy lifestyles, and further enhance education through school partnership programs.

A few of the partnerships established include:
Black Belt Club USA provides support in the form of:

If your school is interested in establishing a School Partnership Program with Black Belt Club USA, please contact Mr. Lim at 858 496-0091 or 858 337-4003, or send an email using the Contact link above.
Chesterton Elementary
Lindberg Sweitzer Elementary
Ross Elementary

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Black Belt Club USA Self-Defense

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Babao Arnis Kali Eskrima

Self Defense and Fitness

Office: 858 496-0091, Mobile: 858 337-4003

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Karate Kid Program

Teens & Adult Prime Program

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Karate Birthday Party

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Martial Art Summer Camp

Family Taekwondo Program

Hapkido Classes

Fitness and Self Defense Classes

Taekwondo Korean Karate Classes

Hyper Pro Training

Teens-Adult Martial Arts & Fitness

Instructors - Martial Arts & Fitness

Kids Martial Arts