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5 Tenets of Taekwondo

Student Creed

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Rules of Etiquette
Students must wear an approved school uniform.

Uniforms must be kept clean and free of wrinkles.

Students must practice good hygiene. Nails should be kept short and manicured.

All jewelry must be removed prior to class.
Students must remove shoes and place them in the shoe bin after entering the school. Do not leave shoes on the floor.

When entering or leaving the school, students must bow.

Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to class.

Students who arrive late to class should sit quietly with their hand raised at the entrance of the dojang (formal training area). When acknowledged by the martial arts instructor, the student must request permission to join the class.

Students entering or leaving the dojang must bow.

Students must bow to the instructor and greet them.

Students should prepare for class quietly. Do not disturb or interupt classes currently in session.

Sparring equipment bags must be placed on the side wall at the back of the dojang. Do not block the front entrance.
When class begins, students must line up beginning with the highest belt rank first.

Students must turn around before straightening belts and uniforms.

When students receive instruction or assistance, always say "thank you sir" or "thank you ma'am".

Give 100% effort during class.

Always show respect and remain focused while in class.

No eating, gum chewing or candy is allowed during class.

Sparring equipment is required for sparring classes, no exceptions.
Class Preparation:
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During Class:

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Train at least twice a week.

Makeup any missed classes as soon as possible.

Eat healthy balanced meals and drink plenty of water.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Follow and live by the martial arts student creed.
Martial Arts Training:
Bow before entering or leaving the school.

Small children should be supervised and not allowed to climb, run or play loudly in the guest seating area.

Keep conversations low and to a minimum.

Bow before entering or leaving the dojang.

Always walk behind a class in progress if you need to enter the dojang.
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