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Karate Kid Program: Martial Arts for Kids

Martial arts is a form of physical fitness, helps girls and boys learn self defense and life long skills, improves behavior, and is a great after school activity to keep kids busy and out of trouble!

The Karate Kid Program is designed to help kids achieve personal and physical developmental goals. The instructors work with each student and/or parent to ensure success.The Karate Kid Program is based on the Taekwondo Korean Karate martial arts system.
Students may also be invited to participate in additional martial art clubs at Black Belt Club USA which will allow the kids to demonstrate or test their martial art skills they have learned.

Demo* (BBC or Black Belt Level): The Tigers Demo Team performs martial arts exhibitions at special events outside of the martial arts school.

Tournament Team* (BBC or Black Belt Level): The Black Belt Club USA Tournament Team competes against other martial arts schools in the sparring and/or poomsae (form) events.

Leadership Program* (Black Belt Level and Demo): This class is designed for students who are interested in becoming martial art instructors.

Hyper Pro Training*: Learn dynamic moves, acrobatics, aerial kicks, and extreme martial art moves.

*Students must have the necessary skills as determined by the instructor, a positive attitude and earn an invitation from the instructor. Notify the school if you are interested in any of these additional martial art clubs and we will set you on the right path to achieving your goals.
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Students also are invited to participate in events outside of regularly scheduled classes. Group activities include movie night at school, bowling, fishing, holiday parties, and much more! These activities are lots of fun and the parents are welcome to join. The kids have a blast!


Martial art students of Black Belt Club USA are fundraising for a trip to train with martial artists in South Korea where the taekwondo (Korean karate) martial arts sport originated, and experience the culture and customs they have studied.
View Black Belt Club USA students in this video titled "Taekwondo Road to Black Belt".
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Why Kids Should Take Martial Arts

Physical Fitness:
One of the huge benefits of martial arts classes for girls and boys is that the kids benefit from the physical exercise. Kids get to run, jump, punch, play active games and exercise their whole body. The best part is that they get to have fun while taking martial arts classes!

Self Defense:
In todays society it is imperative that children learn safety strategies that help them identify and avoid unsafe situations. By taking martial arts classes regularly, children learn to react rather than think and then act.

Life Long Skills:
Children learn about courtesy, loyalty, respect, perseverance, maintaining a positive attitude, self-control, and integrity. These skills will be taught and reinforced at the martial arts school. Children will be able to utilize all of these skills throughout their lifetime.

Behavioral Improvement:
Martial art classes help boys and girls to increase their focus and attention span, develop motor and behavioral control, improve self-esteem and build positive peer relationships.

After School Activity:
Providing after school martial art activities are advantageous for kids. Boys and girls can stay involved in positive activities while learning and having fun in a safe and nurturing environment. After school martial art activities keep kids busy and out of trouble.

Karate Kid Program Class Descriptions

Black Belt Club USA offers a variety of classes, private lessons, and services for kids interested in martial arts.

LIttle Dragons (Age 4 - 6 years old):
Children have an amazing time kicking, punching and playing fun games as they learn to focus, balance and build coordination, socially interact with other children and develop character building tools. Parents are welcome to watch and may be asked to participate in games.

Basic - Beginner:
The basic course is designed for beginner martial artists. It prepares students for entry into the Black Belt Club. Students will be introduced to the value of martial arts training, improve physical fitness, and develop martial arts skills.

Black Belt Club (BBC):
Only students committed to achieving their black belt are invited to join this class. Students will learn all the curriculum required to test for their black belt including forms, self-defense, sparring, kickboxing and nunchucks. This class will teach the students to set and achieve long term goals, increase focus, and build self-esteem and confidence.

Black Belt Level:
This is an advanced course with classes in poomsae, self-defense, sparring, kickboxing, weaponry, board-breaking, etc. The skill level and character of a black belt student is of the highest caliber.

Additional Martial Art Classes for Kids:

Demo, Tournament Team, Leadership, Hyper Pro Training

Tournament Team Photos
Demo Team Photos
Video: Black Belt Club USA Demo Team performing for their 2011 Halloween Party.
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Program Details and Curriculum
Get ready to kick, punch, run and jump into loads of fun as you start your martial arts journey! Don't forget to yell hi-yah!
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