Family Martial Arts Program

Are you looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy together? Are time constraints and busy schedules hampering your family time? We offer martial arts training that allows families to spend quality time together.

Our Karate Kid and Teen-Adult Prime programs are designed for individuals where students are separated by age and rank, but with the family program you will study and take class side by side with your family members.

The study of martial arts is a great common interest for parents and kids to share. You can train and practice together plus you can learn from each other. The most obvious benefit of these family classes is the bringing together of families and the other is that it establishes exercise habits for kids and adults.

What better sense of pride can a parent feel than to see their child learning, improving, and mastering skill sets right beside them on the floor.
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Our class embraces family values that you share with your family members such as:


Kids develop respect for people of all ages in family classes. If parents are training with their kids, they are realistic about what their child can accomplish in martial arts class. Taking class together strengthens family relationships. All of this makes family martial arts a positive experience for everyone involved.
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Our goal is to make it more convenient for families to train together which in turn encourages young martial artists to commit to their practice and receive all of the benefits available to them.

Family Values

Family Martial Arts Class Schedule
Program Class Description and Curriculum
Try our Trial Membership Family program by registering online, calling our office at 858 496-0091 or 858 337-4003. Family discounts available.
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Office: 858 496-0091, Mobile: 858 337-4003
The family that trains together, stays together!

Training with a family member provides support, helps you stay focused, and makes class a lot of fun!

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